May 29, 2024

Should you watch Deadpool with your parents? Search Deadpool 2 on Google for some wisdom from Wade.

Today Deadpool becomes the very first fictional character to go live on Google Search. There are billions of Google searches every day, many of them about prominent individuals. Google enables these individuals to answer questions directly in their own voice, on their own time. When you search for your favorite personalities, whether they’re rising stars or well-known celebs, their answers will appear in the form of selfie-style videos with a uniquely personal, authentic and delightful touch. Deadpool is now among them.

Since launching in December 2017, 40+ individuals have launched for key cultural moments including The Grammys, International Women’s Day, Soul Fest, and most recently Teacher’s Appreciation Day, and Deadpool is the first fictional character to have his video answers appear. So whether you want to know when Deadpool 2 comes out, if Deadpool thinks the Earth is flat, or what to get your mother for Mother’s Day, you can find out the answers to these questions and more when you search Deadpool 2.