June 17, 2024

BATFARM is ready to unleash their self-described “darkedelic” sound to the masses on September 24th, when they release their debut EP, “In the Belfry.” 

The 6-song EP, recorded in part at Batfarm’s home studio, and at Ultimate Studios in Panorama City, CA takes you on a deeply emotional journey with songs like “Get Out,” a tongue-in-cheek tune about battling one’s inner demons, and others like “Now That You’re Gone,” which deal with the aftermath of a loved one’s suicide. They also take on the breakdown of communication and human interaction as technology becomes more and more prevalent in our everyday lives with “Forgotten (End Transmission),” and lament past relationships with “Can’t Get it Right,” “Snake” and “Sorry, Not Sorry.” 

“This EP couldn’t be more real or true to life. We were actually going through all of these emotions and experiences that we’re singing about during its production. These were real heartbreaks, real struggles, real moments that we experienced as artists. We put everything we had into this EP—all our time, all our resources, every bit of ourselves; all because we believed in the music so much and were willing to do anything to make it happen. It’s dripping with raw emotion and truth.” – Alexx Calise, lead singer/guitarist of Batfarm. 

Though the band itself is relatively new, its members are longtime industry vets. Batfarm is comprised of multi-instrumentalists, Alexx Calise and Dennis Morehouse. Calise has found incredible success as a solo artist, namely from her song “Cry,” which was a popular favorite on the Lifetime show Dance Moms. The song and its official video starring Dance Moms alum, Maddie Ziegler has gone on to amass millions of hits. She’s also penned numerous songs for film and TV.  Morehouse has played drums for or shared the stage with artists such as Gilby Clarke (Guns N Roses), Marc Ford (Black Crows), Diatribe, Triple Seven, 16 Volt, Alex Skolnick, Uli Jon Roth and more, and has also composed a number of songs for film and TV.

Batfarm keeps it small (at 2 members) not only for efficiency’s sake, but also to keep creating the music they want without added personalities.

Combining Calise’s grunge and blues influences with rich, choral soundscapes and Morehouse’s love of industrial, funk, and psychedelic music, Batfarm creates a sound that is like everything and nothing at once. 

“In the Belfry” will be available at batfarmband.com and at all other major online retailers including iTunes on September 24th. You can watch the lyric video for their lead single, “Get Out” here.

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