June 15, 2024

Inspired by a wide array of heartfelt emotions, “Whiskey Lies,” offers a fresh perspective on love, loss, and deceptive tendencies. The song, which was selected as a 2022 qualifying round winner in the prestigious annual Tennessee Songwriter’s Week, has already garnered praise from industry insiders and fans alike ahead of the official release.

“Whiskey can make a person do things they might not otherwise, and not always for the best, Caroline shared with Bridge Magazine. “This is the kind of song you listen to when someone has done you wrong and you need to sing in your car at the top of your lungs to get over them — at least that’s how I do it.”

Co-written by Caroline, Brian Alexander and Tom Lohrmann, “Whiskey Lies” promises to be another acclaimed addition to her growing discography, filled to the brim with emotionally raw lyrics and captivating storytelling. This innate ability to connect with listeners has been evident in Caroline’s music from day one with the release of her self-titled debut EP in 2022. The project, which garnered support from CMT, ACM, E! News, Entertainment Tonight and many more, solidified her impressive arrival in the country space. 

Seven years into a “ten year town,” the Iowa native has come a long way not only personally but as an artist. Caroline spent a majority of her early twenties exploring the Pacific Northwest and honing in on her sound. With a solid foundation and a clear sense of her own authentic artistry, Kid is ready to take what she calls “roadtrip country” from coast to coast with the release of “Whiskey Lies,” as well as additional music and exciting projects in the works. 

Stream “Whiskey Lies” here.