July 19, 2024

Camila of Fifth Harmony has announced that she will be leaving the group. Many felt that the change was coming with many solo projects occurring. This is a hard reality for many to swallow especially around the holiday season, but unfortunately it’s a new reality. The other four girls are continuing on and will continue to tour and make new music. Camila says this is not how she planned on it all occurring but is it ever how anyone ever plans on it occurring, life brings us in different directions that we don’t plan on. As disappointing as it is for many of us, it could be a nice change to the tone of the music and the dynamic of the band. Giving the spot light to other members and they’re beautiful voices. So I hope you do not let this news ruin your holiday season and you take it with a positive change. Because for the girls it’s not the end ,but a new chapter in their journey and careers. They are nothing, but happy for one another. And like what we learned with One Direction you never know what goes on behind closed doors, so we can’t judge what occurred unless we ourselves lived it. So be there for one another and enjoy this holiday season.
-Katelyn Thompson

Photo Source: Fifth Harmony media team