June 19, 2024

Leaves are changing and there’s a chill in the air, and as fall arrives, it’s time to queue up the perfect accompanying playlist for a long weekend drive or visit to the pumpkin patch. With so many great options to choose from on Spotify and Apple Music alike (with the option of just listening to all of folklore again always available), the perfect fall playlist doesn’t have to be confined to headphones. Bring those vibes to life with these seasonal activities. 

Cozy Baking 

One of the best things about fall is all the sweet treats that come with it. There’s a whole world beyond pumpkin spice lattes just waiting to be explored: pumpkin bread, pie, cinnamon donuts, and muffins offer an array of options for the seasoned chef and casual cook alike. The folks over at Bon Appetit always do a great job of rounding up some recipes to get into the spooky spirit. Connect to some speakers, queue up a playlist pick, grab the ingredients, and get cooking. 

Wardrobe Refresh 


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A new season is the perfect excuse for some new clothes, too. Athleisure continues to be the way to go as online learning seems to be a possibility for many areas through the end of the year: lululemon’s “On the Move” collection has an offering of styles that transition from a little dressy to comfy, and Buttercloth has the softest shirt on the market that can blend into the classroom just as well as the living room. Best of all, Buttercloth is offering huge savings this fall, including a site-wide 50% off deal this week. For those songs that just make the listener want to sink into the couch after a long day of studying, these styles will be the perfect companion.

Cider Run + Pumpkin Carving

What fall season is complete without a visit to a cider farm? Even if apple picking isn’t the move, there’s nothing like enjoying a cider on the perfect sunny Saturday. Show off some pumpkin carving skills on the ‘gram, and, with the right soundtrack, time spent working on an artistic masterpiece will fly by.