May 29, 2024




Los Angeles, CA (Friday, March 3rd) – Recording artist and vocalist Jeffrey Miller releases the striped back music video for his song “Whatever It Takes” today! WIT is the second single off of Miller’s RISE EP released in October of last year, and the music video was exclusively premiered with Billboard on March 2nd. The video opens up on Miller sitting behind a beautiful piano in the middle of an empty room in black and white. The simple aesthetic allows for Miller’s lyrics and powerhouse talent to take center stage. Finally, the video fades to color ending on a more hopeful note suggesting that perhaps Miller’s efforts to do “whatever it takes” have paid off.

Watch the video here:

Miller talks about the meaning behind “Whatever It Takes.” “Its meaning can be interpreted in a lot of different ways, and most people see it as a love song — and it sort of is. Personally, I was thinking more about my career and my love for music. I feel so lucky to be where I am, doing what I love and to have the fans that I do, so I will absolutely do whatever it takes to continue to chase my dreams of making & sharing my music with everybody. I also love how the music video turned out because it’s simple. It really allows for the song and lyrics to take focus and that was important to me.”

About Jeffrey Miller
At the beginning of his teenage years in Boston, Miller started posting videos on Vine and grew his following to an impressive 3.1 million. He became a viral sensation and appeared on Good Morning America. The hosts were blown away by his charm and voice. Miller has been praised by BuzzFeed saying he “…has the most beautiful voice” and the Boston Globe says he’s “..a budding star.” In addition, the “All About That Bass” singer Meghan Trainor asked Miller up on stage to sing during a concert in Pittsburgh.

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