July 25, 2024

imagesBraces are one of the reasons being a teenager can suck, but are braces really all that bad? I had braces for two years and still don’t love my smile, but we do live in a time where everyone is striving for perfection. There is NO such thing as perfection. The harder we strive to get to perfection we are missing out on some great times in our lives. We see all our favorite singers with their braces and it makes us want perfection even more. For instance, Niall got braces after he became famous as well as Miley Cyrus and Austin Mahone. Don’t get me wrong braces do fix some problems with our teeth, but in the end do you think the pros outweigh the cons in having braces?

images-1I do love Niall’s new smile and I loved his old one as well, but when you start changing your appearance it makes us see what could be. It makes us want a better version of ourselves, but it never comes out perfect or the way we want it to. Thats why I believe what Demi is doing with No Makeup Monday is a great thing. She is helping us teens love the way we look because God made us this way. There is no reason why we can’t love ourselves for the way we are.

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