June 17, 2024


There’s only one day of the year that is better than concert day for fangirls and that is Black Friday! Black Friday should be called be Fangirl Friday because fangirls everywhere buy merch from their fave artists at a discounted price. Fangirls everywhere can’t wait to get on the computer and buy all the new CDs, T-shirts, bracelets, tote bags, concert tickets, etc. It also saves mothers the hassle of going to the mall where 100s ,maybe 1000s of other people are scrambling around trying to buy presents for all of their relatives. ♫

As I get older it is definitely harder for my mom to figure out what I want for Christmas unless I come straight out and ask for it, but I still want the surprise factor. I still want to feel like a 5 year old girl on Christmas morning wondering what I got this year for Christmas from Santa. Thats why I am writing this blog post. I am giving you guys a list of Christmas presents that are in a general idea, but you still can have that surprise factor when you wake up Christmas morning. ♫

♫ Christmas List For A FanGirl ♫