July 25, 2024

Jack O' Lantern In Woodland With Mist

With Halloween only four weeks away, have you decided on your costume yet? While you could go as your favorite superhero for the third year in a row, why not go for a costume based on the best chart-toppers? We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite musical costumes for 2019. 

Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus in “Old Town Road”

Ah, the song that never dies. This song spent a record-breaking 19-week run atop Billboard’s Hot 100 charts. Now you can bring it back for a night of Halloween fun. Just be sure to remember your cowboy hat from Gucci!

Lizzo’s Juice

This confident anthem is sure to be the perfect costume to rock this year. Put on your favorite pair of bicycling shorts, a high pony, and an 80’s leotard, and you’ve got this look. Just don’t be surprised if people burst out into song when they see you!

Baby Shark, Do Do Do-Do-Do-Do

This beloved children’s song about a family of sharks is still going strong, just ask any child under the age of 10 if they know it. Tipsy Elves even has a Baby Shark Costume, but don’t worry, they make the costume for moms and dads too. The whole family can take part in the fun!

Taylor Swift in “Me” Music Video

If you’ve seen the music video for “Me” with Brendan Urie, you’ll know that Taylor Swift is unapologetically herself, and she’s slaying the game in that pastel suit. This power ensemble will have you strutting your stuff. Bonus points for the pink tie!

Black Mirror‘s Ashley O.

Okay, this one’s technically not on the charts, but how could we leave out Miley Cyrus’s iconic role in the latest season of Black Mirror? With a purple wig and an all-white dress, you’ll be the spitting image of this popstar turned robotic doll! Be sure to have some overly peppy responses ready like “I’ll be here for you!”, “Here if you need to talk!”, and “Believe in yourself!”.

Which costume is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!