November 29, 2023



Credit: Bubba Sellars

“‘In Betweenin’ shows off [Austin’s] powerhouse vocals and is everything we never knew we needed to get us in the mood for the weekend!”

“Prepare to have it on repeat”

“It’s so catchy & relatable!!!”

Following the release of his kinetic debut single, today, Austin Brown shares the official video for “In Betweenin.’” The video was shot near Austin’s hometown of Bend, OR and includes a guest appearance from actress, Lilia Buckingham. Be sure to stream the single, which landed on some of Apple Music’s most notable playlists, here and watch the Bubba Sellars directed video here:

The only thing more unbelievable than his talent is the fact that Austin had a hard time hearing for the first four years of his life. Everything seemed normal at first glance. Born the youngest of four siblings in Bend, OR, Austin would even be singing by two-years-old—yet he was barely hearing. Instead, he responded to rhythms, beats and vibrations alone, soothing himself by humming. His mom thought he was merely ignoring her when she would call his name until a teacher finally pointed out that Austin had a hearing problem and was reading lips. Upon further testing, the family found out that the tubes in his ears had closed at birth. After undergoing surgery to open the tubes, Austin’s hearing was eventually restored to full capability.

Hearing intact, his natural inclination for singing continued over the next decade. Inspired by the likes of Sam Smith, Adele, Justin Bieber, and Julia Michaels (especially), he continued to hone his voice often recording on an iPad in addition to learning ukulele. At 14, he relocated to Los Angeles to actually pursue acting. However, it proved to be a short detour. While in the City of Angels, he made a decision to fully embrace his musical side.

In the end, Austin makes an emotional connection anytime and anywhere he sings.“I want people to get to know me in my music,” he leaves off. “I just hope they can connect to the songs, who I am, and feel that emotion.”

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About Austin:

With sky-high vocal range, showstopping delivery, and a ukulele, Bend, Oregon born and raised, Los Angeles-based pop singer and songwriter Austin Brown immediately turns heads. Within under two years, impromptu D.I.Y. performances everywhere generated millions of views and interactions on the 16-year-old’s Instagram, attracted a growing fan base. Now, he introduces his irresistible debut single “In Betweenin’.” He makes a connection anytime and anywhere he sings.