June 17, 2024

Inspirational pop singer-songwriter, Alisha Liston, is making waves this summer with her new whimsically, fantastical single ‘Stardew Forest.’

Known for her poetic lyrics, empowering themes, eclectic instrumentation and ethereal vocals, Alisha does not disappoint.  With its Alice in Wonderland vibe, Stardew Forest takes you to the beautiful, wondrous, yet sometimes terrifying world of self-discovery and realization.  

When asked about the song Alisha says, “Stardew Forest is a metaphor for your own mindscape.  It’s the personification of that place inside your head where you process your emotions.  A place that’s surreal and chaotic, exciting, and scary all at the same time.  Stardew Forest is about knowing it’s okay to not understand all the thoughts within our heads, and to take things one step at a time.”

While just 14-years old, Alisha has written and released over a dozen original songs including her recent EP, ‘Beautiful Illusion’. 

Here are some fun facts about the song:

While writing Stardew Forest, Alisha drew a sketch of what she envisioned it to look like.  According to Alisha, Stardew Forest is place where it is always nighttime so that you can see the light from the everlasting trees which have leaves that are actual stars.

When someone wishes upon one of its stars, the star explodes and becomes a new everlasting tree making the forest “endless” because it is always growing. Flowers whisper, and if you listen close enough, they will give you riddled advice. Sprite fairies live in the forest and make their homes in the everlasting trees. 

About the sprite fairies, this concept came to life in the recording studio. Alisha and Idrise Ward-EL (co-writer & producer) were recording the chorus harmonies and joking around and said,

“What if we add a little sprite fairy in the background that just shouts out a repeat of the last word of each line in a high-pitched fairy voice?”  They played around with the idea and while it didn’t make the final cut, the fairies got to stay in the forest where at times you can hear them in the background. 

Listen to ‘Stardew Forest’ from Alisha Liston out now on all digital platforms, and follow her journey on Instagram: alishaliston and on Facebook: alishalistonmusic