May 22, 2024



Ok ok, so the rest of his controversial decisions aside, Justin Bieber’s made some questionable fashwan choices in his time, hasn’t he? The sassy little sausage’s gone for combats with gold shoes, backwards caps with string vests and chains and XXXXL all black errything.

So we’re just gonna put it out there. SOME (note: he looks mega fit a lot of the time) of this outfits haven’t really paid off, have they? The poor soul’s made some terrible fashion statements. THERE. WE SAID IT.

 And what better way to prove this than Frank Kobola, a normal man from Cosmopolitan US trying out all his outfits, and explaining how they make him feel below. UHMAZING.

“‘Oh, hey what’s up? I’m just hanging out and… BLUE STEEL! I tried to copy this look by acting like I just ate a really sexy lemon and the lemon was rotten and now I gotta find a bathroom. It’s that single moment when all of that is convalescing in my head at once. That’s this face. I think I nailed it.”

“Were you drunk when you got dressed, too? I dunno, man. These are all 9 sizes too big, like, you should’ve partnered up with late-90s JNCO instead of Calvin Klein. I will say this is a really handy outfit if you want to pass out and fall asleep in the folds of your clothes.”

“I really, really, don’t want to admit this, but there was an energy to this outfit. I didn’t want to like this suit, but I felt good in it. I felt like I could talk my way into VIP sections with this on. I get it. I’m not saying I pulled it off, I’m just saying I’m vibin’ on it.

But Justin, man, don’t roll the sleeves up on your suit jacket. You’re not one of the characters inWeekend at Bernie’s.”


“I can’t sing at all, but I can definitely act like I’m singing. I kind of love the “BELIEVE” tattoo, though. Which, I should probably point out, is the only accurate tattoo I have on my sleeve of arbitrary temporary tattoos.

The white hat/tank top combo isn’t so bad, but I’m not sure where this golden glove came from. Literally. Where do you buy golden, fingerless gloves? I don’t know what kind of store sells those, but I do know I hate anyone who shops there.”

What did you lot make of that, then? Funny, huh? Check out more pictures here, and let us know what you think over @Sugarscape, thanks and danks.