May 19, 2024

Crank up these country tunes perfect for the changing season.

Luke Bryan – “Love You, Miss You, Mean It” 

In his latest single, Luke Bryan expresses his hometown love in a typical one-that-got-away trope. His standard country twang and melodic background track merge together in a way that touches the listeners’ emotions. 

Becca Bowen – “Baby Lie to Me” 

In this sultry single, Becca Bowen would rather play pretend than repair a damaged relationship. Her partner may have moved on, but Becca is hoping they can preserve what he damaged by not revealing the truth. 

Kelsea Ballerini – “Love You Like You Mean It (Reimagined)” 

Kelsea Ballerini reimagines her nine-year-old song “Love You Like You Mean It.” In this new version of her classic song, the listener can hear the maturity and emotion in Kelsea’s voice. In a more somber take of “Love You Like You Mean It,” the reimagined version highlights the lyrical nuances of the classic song that put Kelsea Ballerini on the map. 

Erin Kirby – “Pick My Own Flowers”

Erin Kirby stresses the importance of self-love and independence through this emotional and lyrical single. “Pick My Own Flowers” is an empowering anthem for women and all people to put themselves first. 

Chancy DeAnne – “A Place To Fall Apart”

Expressing the need for a quiet place to unwind, Chancy takes heartbreak full circle beginning and ending with the same notion of mixing misery and gin. 

Donice Morace – “Wait Til I’m Gone” 

Donice Morace expresses the universal feelings of heartbreak of seeing your ex move on right in front of you. His last request of the relationship is that she at least give him some time to get gone. 

Skip Ewing – “Windmill”

In this sorrowful single, Skip Ewing elaborates upon the metaphor of him being the windmill and the woman he loves being the wind. She comes and goes but he is there to stay leaving him spinning. 

Sam Hunt – “Country House”

Sam Hunt explains the magic that is found in a true country house and his desire to live in one. The country house enhances the love he already has for his girl and the want to raise kids in this environment as he was.