April 20, 2024



Just when you thought it was safe to sit back on the sofa with your feet up and a hot cuppa while 5 Seconds of Summer squirrel away on new music in the studio, they’ve dropped the MAJOR bombshell that they’re hard at work with musical maestros and good pals, All Time Low.

YUP, this is not a drill people. 5SOS and ATL are working together in the studio right this second. Well, they’re in there anyway. All we know so far is they’ve been talking about pay-per-view porn, which might not be the best start to a new album, but whatever.

 Alex even wrote it on Twitter so now it’s actual, definite news.

Making sure that we all have ten heart attacks in a row, Alex revealed that he’s been having a studio sesh with at least 2/4 of 5SOS, with Calum and Luke apparently joining in his conversation about the blueies.

After realizing that their musical talents go together like pasta and cheese while writing Kiss Me Kiss Me, Alex recently confirmed that he’d bloody love to get back to songwriting with the 5SOS boys.

“I think I will probably do some more work in the future with 5 Seconds guys,” he spilled. “I definitely plan to write with them again if I can. We’ll see if they decide to use the songs, but yeah, fingers crossed!”

SO THAT’S EXCITING. Not too sure where Luke is while this is all going down, but it’s good to see that Michael’s also hard at work on the new album.