July 19, 2024

Summer is right around the corner, and between trips to the beach and Netflix marathons, you’ll probably want a summer job. Brand ambassador programs are the obvious choice: you get some wicked product discounts while helping with the company’s charitable mission. You get to pad your resume with great experience just for sharing your love of your favorite brands. Check out these teen ambassador programs that are the perfect balance of killer benefits and giving back to causes that count!


If you are looking to make a statement with your shoes, look no further than BANGS Shoes Ambassador Program. This adventure-seeking company is looking for ambassadors to advance its mission of supporting more than 2000 entrepreneurs kickstart their ventures. Their simple footwear will take you from adventure to adventure with ease and style. Who doesn’t want a little more adventure in their summer?

Sand Cloud

If you live for that beach life, Sand Cloud’s Ambassador Program might be a great fit for you! Sand Cloud sells towels, blankets, and tons of other eco-friendly accessories. 10% of every purchase goes toward ocean and marine life conservation. Brand ambassadors not only get exclusive discounts and great experience for their resume but also help spread an amazing mission! Oh, and you could be featured on their Instagram that has over 750,000 followers. How cool is that?!


For those who are constantly dreaming about exploring the world, the Serengetee Rep Program can give you a taste! From t-shirts to hats to fanny packs, Serengetee has all sorts of products to soothe your wanderlust. They source their fabrics from local communities across the globe and give back to grassroots causes to improve the lives of those communities. Also, you could win a trip to Guatemala through this awesome ambassador program!

Love Your Melon

If you’ve got a soft spot in your heart for children fighting pediatric cancer, be sure to check out Love Your Melon. The Love Your Melon Campus Crew Program is a great way to give back to the lives of these children. They’ve given away more than 160,000 beanies to kids with cancer across the country. But they don’t just sell beanies – they offer blankets, hats, and other apparel too! You can spread awareness all while looking cute from head to toe!

No matter what brand ambassador program you pick, make sure it’s one that you’re passionate about! It’ll feel even less like work if you’re sharing your love for a brand that you love. Don’t waste the opportunity to get involved on the ground floor with an amazing company this summer!